"Gratitude: it is you who open all the closed doors ad let the grace which saves penetrate deeply.
-The Mother
CWM 14:154

"When some divine power by the grace of God manifests itself in a human being any efforts to develop it give a new force to the national life.You will have to sacrifice at the feet of your mother.You should, therefore,devote yourself with firm faith and whole heart to her service. Service of our motherland is our highest duty at this moment. ........ Everyone must store up energy. Be prepared with fresh hope and vigour for the worship of the Mother......

Sri Aurobindo

CWSA - VOL 8: PG 178

Inspired by the powerful words of Sri Aurobindo, the aspirants, trainees and inmates of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Delhi Branch put up a spectacular show, Bhawani Bharati ,a tribute to their Motherland and its worthy heroes.The stage-show highlighted the spirit of patriotism, dedication and sacrifice of the Indian Army and its soldiers.The audience was given a glimpse into the tough life these men choose to lead with a dogged determination and an unwavering resolution.Far away from home and hearth, from their near and dear ones, these heroes pledge their lives to the cause of the country with joy, pride and glory. Every heart is infused with ardour and exuberance and dances to the tune of Rang de Basanti--let me be soaked in the colour of my motherland.

The spirit of the programme resonated with the words of Sri Aurobindo--deep, loud and clear...
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