Current Event

01.01.2020 (Wednesday)

Let the birth of the New Year be the new birth of our
Leaving the past far behind us let us run towards a
luminous future

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Past Event

5th December 2019
Sri Aurobindo’s Mahasamadhi Day
On 5th December 1950 at 1:26 a.m. Sri Aurobindo left his body and by morning the entire body was seen to be suffused with a golden-crimson hue, so fresh and so magnificent, lifting us from the pall of gloom to a mute wonder.

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Mr Sidharth introduced the participants to the art of writing stories and developing abilities of reflection, expression, imagination, perspective-taking and empathy. They also spent a therapeutic time by writing about their own life in a story form.

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Awareness through body

Mr Debi Prasad introduced the idea of self awareness through body. The main purpose was to feel our body's energy, to use our senses more effectively and to become more focused and conscious about our surroundings.

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