The Mother and Sri Aurobindo

"Nobody can say,
“there is no hope for me”,
because the Divine Grace is there."

The Mother


17 November 2019
The Mother’s Mahasamadhi Day
On 17th November 1973, the Mother left her body. She was ninety-five. Many among her children were deeply shaken for the time being. But they realise now that she is always present amidst them

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24 November 2019
93rd Anniversary of Siddhi Diwas (1926-2019)

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Mr Sidharth introduced the participants to the art of writing stories and developing abilities of reflection, expression, imagination, perspective-taking and empathy. They also spent a therapeutic time by writing about their own life in a story form.

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Awareness through body

Mr Debi Prasad introduced the idea of self awareness through body. The main purpose was to feel our body's energy, to use our senses more effectively and to become more focused and conscious about our surroundings.

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