The Mother and Sri Aurobindo
All can be done if the god-touch is there.


Experience simplicity & joy in service

Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Delhi Branch was inaugurated on 12th February 1956 with the blessings of The Mother. She graciously granted the first sacred relics of Sri Aurobindo to be enshrined here on 5th December 1957.

We have expanded our footings at Van Niwas, Madhubhan and The Mountain Paradise in the sylvan hills of Uttarakhand and at the Auro-Mira Vidya Mandir in Kechla, Odisha.

Our beckoning to volunteers

Come as a resident volunteer to any of our centres to spend an enriching time with your inner ecology and discover who you are. Offer us your time and skill so that together we may carry on the work envisaged by The Mother and Sri Aurobindo.


Talla Ramgarh - Madhuban

Residential volunteering in the Himalayas
If you have ever wanted to serve the Divine in a place of beauty and silence, then you can apply for the residential volunteer program at the Madhuban campus:

You can help with the following:

Talla Ramgarh - Mountain Paradise

Located in Talla Ramgarh far away from the hustling crowds is the Mountain Paradise. This quaint mountain top lends you peace of mind. The environment is calm and serene. One can look after the fruit orchards, paint and create music. This place is great for solitude seekers.
The current activities include:
Fruit growing, plucking, picking, packing and sending the fruits to the markets.

Nainital - Van Niwas

Van Niwas is a serene mountainous abode nestled in the Uttarakhand hills of the Himalayas.
Services you can offer as a volunteer

The Auro-Mira Vidya Mandir, Kechla, Odisha

Kechla is a conglomeration of several hamlets of primarily tribal populace. The area abounds in natual scenic beauty and clean unpolluted & bracing air.

You could help us with the following:

At the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Institute of Vocational Training, we need teachers for our 3 months to 6 months vocational courses in:

You can also volunteer at any of our centres and help us with...

If you are looking to make a difference in your own life and in the life of others, do write and share what you would like to offer.
Mail: [email protected], [email protected]
Phone No: +91 11 8130075079
You can offer your own individual offering that can seamlessly merge with our work.

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