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"Nobody can say,
“there is no hope for me”,
because the Divine Grace is there."

The Mother



Residents of the ashram go for a picnic once a year. This time, we went on Sunday, the 10th of March, 2019. We had hired a bus to take us to and fro.

We gathered at the reception around 8:30 am and as we waited for the bus. Many were running around looking for their things and discussing excitedly about the day. Vijay didi, our team leader, came to us calmed us down and gave us a small talk. She told us about the rules we had to follow and explained how to behave properly in places such as the Nehru Park, Zoo and also the war memorial, lest should we appear insensitive because of our eagerness and excitement.

She then started talking about India Gate. She told us about national war memorial which was recently inaugurated by the PM of India in memory of the martyrs of Indian Armed Forces. It has busts of various martyrs. She also told us stories of how they bravely offered their lives in the protection of the country. She gave us this talk because we would be crossing India Gate and she wanted us to see it. Afterwards, we got on the bus and a quick head count later, we were on our merry way! Our merry making started in the bus itself as we were singing, dancing, and chatting with our friends. As soon as we reached INDIA GATE, bus driver took a round to show us The memorial. then we went ahead to the zoo. Soon we reached the Zoo. For the Zoo we had made groups of four boys and four girls because the zoo was very big and . this was done to keep security and safety of our youth who were going for the first time. This also give chance to develop leadership skills.

We saw many animals there. Not only did we see common animals like elephants, a wild cat, birds, and many deer but we also saw exotic and rare species like a white tiger, a lion, bear, a porcupine, and various varieties of crocodiles.

After the zoo we went to Nehru Park where we met Tara didi. We were very tried and we all sat down and rested for a while. Eventually, energized again, we remembered we were hungry. We enthusiastically started setting out the lunch we had brought with us and filled our stomachs with delicious Pulao, raita and salad. After lunch, we danced to our own tunes. Later, Tara didi taught us some picnic games and songs,and we followed her way of singing. Then people broke into their own groups and some played cricket. Others walked a round the park, visited the art exhibition or just lounged around chatting with each other. We also took many pictures. Since it was springtime, the flowers were in full bloom and many birds were singing. The park was full of people who were also enjoying the natural beauty there.

By 4 o' clock we were all thoroughly tired. We all hurried into the bus and singing and dancing in our usual style, we came back full of joy for a day well-spent with friends.

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