The Mother and Sri Aurobindo
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Towards a Glorious Future
Sri Aurobindo Ashram—Delhi Branch

"I saw the mornings of the future rise,
I heard the voices of an age unborn
That comes behind us and our pallid morn,
And from the heart of an approaching light
One said to man, "Know thyself infinite,
Who shalt do mightier miracles than these,
Infinite, moving mid infinities."
- Sri Aurobindo
A Vision of Science, Collected Poems

Shri Surendra Nath Jauhar seeking blessings from The Mother

The Momentous Evening

Every moment lived lays the foundation of the future. Every moment lived with aspiration, lays the foundation of a glorious future. The seed that flowered into Sri Aurobindo Ashram – Delhi Branch, awaited its time and place for fruition. It was sowed at a decisive moment in time. On one very significant evening in December 1939, Sri Surendra Nath Jauhar met The Divine Mother for the first time, without making prior plans to that effect, and the whole course of his life changed. His musings below reveal the deep impact the meeting had on him, “I could clearly see that my destiny had been decided and the dye had been cast. I knew that I was leaving only to return and return again and again.” And thus the seed of a beautiful vision found a sacred alcove; the destiny of the future, of many, many lives to come was so determined...

The Preparation

Early days of Ashram
Shri Surendra Nath Jauhar had procured a vast expanse of waste land, which lay fallow for many years. The barrenness of the land stretched long between the vision and its translation into action. Daylight was caught and lost between the brambles and thorny bushes covering it. The nights were long and dark… It appeared hostile forces had taken possession of the place and would not leave it, would not allow anything to flourish there.

In the year 1955, a mysterious man who identified himself as the Divine messenger appeared at Chachaji’s doorstep. He insisted upon spending a few nights on the barren land. On the two mornings that followed his stay he presented a horrible picture, exhausted, clothes torn and his long hair and beard completely ruffled. With superhuman effort, he had vanquished and driven away these forces. The man declared before leaving, “Now the place is clear and open for receiving the descent.”

Sri Aurobindo Ashram—Delhi Branch in 2018

The Consecration

Things now began moving. Chachaji made elaborate plans for the development of the land and met The Mother for guidance. The Divine plan was set and the auspicious moment for its enaction had finally arrived. The Mother said, "This place will house the Sri Aurobindo Ashram — Delhi Branch, and there certainly will be a Shrine for which I have been keeping Sri Aurobindo’s precious relics."

The Mother fixed the date 12 February 1956 for the inauguration of Sri Aurobindo Ashram — Delhi Branch. On the opening day, The Mother's message was:

"Let this place be worthy
of its name and manifest
the true spirit of Sri Aurobindo’s
teaching and message to the world.
With my blessings."
- The Mother

She said, "Twelve persons can sit in meditation on that day. It is an old belief that if twelve persons join in solemn prayer—the prayer is granted."

Thus was laid the cornerstone of an edifice which would enshrine the Divine essence.

The Arrival of the Mahayogi

The Divine process unfurled itself in its full glory with the arrival of Sri Aurobindo’s relics on 4 December 1957.

The relics stood serene and majestic on the altar. The delicate fragrance of flowers and incense gave the place an ethereal touch and hundreds of devotees sat in silent prayer, their eyes ablaze with an ardent aspiration.

The relics were enshrined at the base of the marble cube in a sombre and dignified ceremony on the pious morning of 5 December 1957. Chachaji paints a mesmerizing picture of the heavens offering their oblations…

"Clouds and the sun competed with each other to offer their 'Shradhanjali', thus investing the atmosphere with enchanting and dramatic colour and beauty. Gods also did not lag behind and they sent the rainbow as their colourful offering."

Dr Indra Sen with the relics, the arrival
of the Mahayogi
Chachaji and his friends after the relics

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