"One can progress through meditation, but through work, provided it is done in the right spirit, one can progress ten times more."
-The Mother

Nature of the Psychic being
Communications from the psychic do not come in a mental form. They are not ideas or reasonings. They have their own character quite distinct from the mind, something like a feeling that comprehends itself and acts.

The psychic, by its very nature, is calm, quiet and luminous, understanding and generous, wide and progressive. Its constant effort is to understand and progress.

The mind describes and explains.

The psychic sees and understands.

13 December 1971
Growing up with the Mother, pg. 115

The experience you had of the power of the Name and the protection is that of everyone who has used it with the same faith and reliance. To those who call from the heart for the protection, it cannot fail. Do not allow any outward circumstance to shake the faith in you; for nothing gives greater strength than this faith to go through and arrive at the goal. Knowledge and tapasya, whatever their force, have a less sustaining power- faith is the strongest staff for the journey. The protection is there over you and the watchful love of the Mother. Rely upon it and let your being open more and more to it- then it will repel attacks and always uphold you.
Sri Aurobindo
SABCL 25:347; CWSA 32:308

Nobody can give you the true mantra. It’s not something that is given: it is something that wells up from within. It must spring from within all of a sudden, spontaneously, like a profound, intense need of your being- then it has power, because it is not something that comes from outside, it’s your very own cry. I saw, in my case, that my mantra has the power of immortality; whatever happens, if it is uttered, it’s the Supreme that has the upper hand, it’s no longer the lower law. And the words are irrelevant, they may not have any meaning- to someone else, my mantra is meaningless, but to me it’s full, packed with meaning. And effective, because it is my cry, the intense aspiration of my whole being.
The Mother

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