"Distractions" Workshop - 9.2.2019

A workshop was conducted for the vocational trainees on "Distractions" on 9th Feb 2019, as we are living in a day and age where distractions are predominant. With the current rise in social media, technology and easy availability of connectivity - it is very easy to get distracted and spend long hours wasting on them in everyday life.

"What we focus on, we become" - hence we should be clear on where our everyday focus and energy is being spent ...because the outcome in life will come accordingly. We must accept that the distractions are a part of life , but if we do not control them - they have the ability to "defocus" us from our main goals and purpose. Hence it is imperative, that we make our minds stronger to be able to manage distractions in a balanced way.

In practical terms, we must fix our time to enjoy distractions in guilt free manner , and have a study/work fixed time in a focussed manner. This requires proper planning of our day and adherence to the same in a disciplined manner. Also with the help of self reflection & meditation, we must review regularly if our lives are moving in the direction of our goals/purpose.


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