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"Natural Living" Workshop - 9.4.2019

A workshop on "Natural Living" was conducted at Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Delhi Branch on April 9th 2019, which was conducted by Shailender S. He is Computer Science graduate with experience in the IT industry from Hyderabad, practicing living in coherent with Nature since the last 5yrs.

With the current lifestyle and affects of chemicals, radiation and toxins in the city , the workshop was very useful and an eye opener for the participants. Many practical tips were shared on the Bio-enzymes and different types of Edible and Cleaning enzymes which were made from various fruits, Vegetables, Greens, Herbs, spices which can be used for Healthcare, Body Care, Home Care, Environment Care solutions.

Even the children of The Mothers International school and Mirambika Free progress school, were intrigued by the knowledge shared by the facilitator on the harmful affects of chemicals and radiations on our body and everyday life. These useful tips shall go a long way with kids and make them more aware at a young age to lead a better lifestyle.

Sri Aurobindo Ashram will be conducting these workshops on a regular basis to spread more awareness with children, youth and parents on an ongoing basis.

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