March 24, 2022

Swaraanjali on Karuna Didi’s 92nd Birth Anniversary

Devi Karunamayee popularly known as Anna Didi and Karuna Didi in the Ashram was Spiritual musician of Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Delhi Branch. Born on 24th March 1930 in Delhi, joined the Ashram on 20th March 1966 and lived till the 26th of January 2017 till her last breath.

She was a great musician and talented in Kirana Ghirana, a Hindustani classical music form. A great devotee of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo, she was the Founder-Director of Matri Kala Mandir, Mother's School of Fine

Arts, inaugurated on 21st February 1967, with the Mother's Grace. She was the Trustee of Sri Aurobindo Ashram-Delhi Branch.