A prayer given by The Mother

Sweet Mother

We would all like to be the true children of our Divine Mother.

But for that, Sweet Mother, give us the patience and the courage, the obedience, the goodwill, the generosity, and the disinterestedness, and all the necessary virtues.

This is our prayer and our aspiration.

15 January 1945

Reaching Sri Aurobindo Ashram: Directions

Ask for Sri Aurobindo Ashram situated at Sri Aurobindo Marg. The directions from the airport (international and domestic) and from the railway stations (New Delhi, Old Delhi and Nizamuddin) are as follows-- Take the IIT flyover and head towards Qutab Minar. After half a kilometer you will cross two bus stops. Turn left from the second bus stop situated near a traffic light. You will arrive at Ashram gate No. 6. The ashram is situated near significant landmarks, such as, N.C.E.R.T. and Essex Farms.

Transport: Taxi Charges

From the international airport, it should cost Rs.400/- during the day and approx. Rs. 500/- at night.
From the domestic airport, it should cost appox. Rs. 350/- during the day and Rs. 450/- at night.
From the New Delhi Railway station, it should cost roughly Rs.350/- during the day and Rs.450/- at night.
From Old Delhi Railway Station, it should cost Rs. 450/- during the day and Rs. 550/- at night.

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