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    Among the leading lights of India's resurgence the pre-eminence of SriAurobindo is unquestionable. He was a revolutionary national leader, a poet, a social thinker and spiritual philosopher, a visionary human-ist, an educationist - all of the front rank, but first and foremost he was Master of Yoga - a rishi, a seer and realiser, the protagonist and architect of the new world that is presently emerging.


    Born in Calcutta on 15 August 1872, he was educated in England at St. Paul's School, London and King's College, Cambridge. On his return to India in 1893, after having mastered all that was precious in ancient Greece and modern Europe, he spent 13 years in Baroda as an administrator and professor, where he made a deep study of In-dia's cultural and spiritual heritage and started literary and political activity.


    In 1906, Sri Aurobindo went to Bengal and openly took up the leadership of the revolutionary movement. His journal Bande Mataram became the most powerful voice in the freedom movement. His meteoric but momentous role in nationalist politics came to a close when he withdrew to Pondicherry in response to a higher call in 1910.


    His spiritual life had coexisted with his other activities all along. And now, after gathering up in himself the essential elements of the past spiritual traditions, he moved on in search of a more complete realisation, one which would unite the two poles of Spirit and Mat-ter. He prepared by his lifelong tapasya a base for the advent of the next phase in terrestrial evolution beyond Mind - the Supramental - and gave the Purna or 'Integral' Yoga for achieving the ultimate aim of transforming human nature and divinising earthly life


    Sri Aurobindo's comprehensive writings give clear insights into all aspects of life and their problems. He gives us the grand, all-inclusive, living and true synthesis of human culture. Romain Rolland saw in him "the completest synthesis that has been realised to this day of the genius of Asia and genius of Europe."