A prayer given by The Mother

Sweet Mother

We would all like to be the true children of our Divine Mother.

But for that, Sweet Mother, give us the patience and the courage, the obedience, the goodwill, the generosity, and the disinterestedness, and all the necessary virtues.

This is our prayer and our aspiration.

15 January 1945

Harmoniously she impressed the earth with heaven,
Aligned to a swift rhythm of sheer delight
And singing to themselves her days went by,
Each minute was throb of beauty's heart...

Book 4, Canto 1, 'Savitri'

Ms. Indu Pillay (28.10.1935 - 12.12.2018) took refuge in the Mother for good on the early hours of 12 December 2018. A Mother's child, Indu Didi's association started with the Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Delhi Branch in 1957, when she was just 21 years old. She was extremely fond of Chacha Ji, who too treated her with lot of affection. She joined Mother's International School as the teacher in-charge of Nursery section. After a few years of this she joined Bal Bharti teacher training school and in 1968 went abroad, where she married her friend and companion Mr Pillay. In 1974 when Mr Pillay retired the couple returned to India. The following year they came to the Ashram. The next two decades saw their untiring and dedicated contribution to The Mother's International School, where Indu Didi worked as the Vice-Principal and from 1977 to 1999 as the Principal. Mr. Pillay, as the in-charge of administration, put in place an extremely efficient system which even till date saves much human effort and time.

After Mr. Pillay's demise in 1997, and her retirement in 1999, Indu Didi stayed on in the Ashram till her last days. She is remembered as an extremely graceful, charming, good-natured and friendly lady who could easily befriend a child or a person much older to her. She was also blessed with a beautiful voice and could often be seen singing old movies' songs. Her passionate nature, however, shone through the most in her work as an educator. She was not only good at teaching her subject but was extremely sensitive to the needs of the child in front of her. She created an atmosphere of safety through her easy-going manner which made her students comfortable to explore their potential.

With her gone, a link to the golden and initial days of the Ashram has been lost.

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