A prayer given by The Mother

Sweet Mother

We would all like to be the true children of our Divine Mother.

But for that, Sweet Mother, give us the patience and the courage, the obedience, the goodwill, the generosity, and the disinterestedness, and all the necessary virtues.

This is our prayer and our aspiration.

15 January 1945


Theater workshop

Miss Pihu Roy conducted a theater workshop for the Vocational Trainees and Aspirants in which she talked about how to identify emotions and express them in an effective way to others, by using the appropriate body language, tone and pitch of voice.

Neuro-linguistic programming(NLP)

Mr Nakul took a workshop to explain the causal relationship between our belief system and their effect on our well-being. He also talked about how to identify unhelpful beliefs and change them into healthy ones.

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