Sponsorship Schemes

What we are attempting here is to prove to the world, through a concrete example, that by some inner psychological realisation and some outer organisation a world can be created where most of the causes of human misery will cease to exist.

— The Mother

We, at Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Delhi branch, are essentially focused on supporting education as we strongly believe that giving integral education to a child is our greatest achievement. It is our mission to touch as many lives as possible. To garner support for this cause we have initiated various sponsorship schemes from individuals and the corporate sector, which have gained momentum in the past years. This year the pandemic has created unprecedented situation for the students as well as the teachers. The past few months have been difficult for everyone and specially for students. We have witnessed that students across all schools are demonstrating incredible energy, commitment and flexibility as they continue to respond to the mass disruption caused by the pandemic.

Our schools have adapted to new teaching techniques with virtual lessons. The disruption caused by the pandemic has created a need for teachers to be more creative than usual, employing new measures and in some cases developing completely new skills sets to ensure the successful continuation of the teaching-learning process. Many corporate and individual sponsors have appreciated our work and extended financial support to us to enable us to overcome this crisis. The children of our schools in rural India benefited and their numbers continue to grow. The children in remote areas, tribal population and villages in the hilly areas are being educated under these schemes. The sponsored children are selected from low income groups and educated in good village boarding schools in their own state to avoid language problems. The entire expense of their tuition, boarding, lodging, training, books, clothes, travel and medical expenses is borne by the Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Delhi Branch. Additionally, a few students in The Mother’s International School, from the economically weaker section are also provided scholarships under the sponsorship programme.

The Auro Mira Vidya Mandir, a free primary school for over 165 tribal children in Kechla, Odisha is also mainly supported by Sri Aurobindo Ashram-Delhi branch as part of sponsorship programmes. The children preferred to stay in the school hostel during these tough times and were kept in very safe and healthy surroundings. All safety precautions to protect against Covid 19 were followed.

The sponsorship schemes have been largely used to support children and youth mainly under the following four main categories:

School Education

There are more than 500 Sri Aurobindo Schools all over the country which are run by devotees independently. A number of children in these schools are sponsored by the Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Delhi branch. These children are provided with books, clothing, games and sports equipment among other essential items from time to time. At the end of the academic year, the sponsors are provided with the progress report of each child supported by them.

Higher Education

Many of our Ashram Youth after finishing class XII are pursuing their online graduation in different streams. We sponsor their undergraduate studies and thereafter career-oriented courses.

Vocational Training Program

Sri Aurobindo Ashram-Delhi branch also has a vocational training programme for the youth of weaker strata of the society to upgrade their skills and knowledge. As part of this programme, the youth undergo structured training of six months in the areas of cooking, carpentry, photo-framing and lamination, hand-made paper making, tailoring and weaving (for girls), civil and electrical maintenance, library science, computer and typing, and paramedical training. After the successful completion of the course, most trainees could be successfully placed in jobs. A few trainees, however, continue to work in the Ashram in various departments. The Ashram extends financial support to them and they are encouraged to take up courses of their choice.